Robinhood - Investing, No Fees App Reviews

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Great App

Does what you need. Trades stocks for no commission. Go elsewhere for bells and whistles. Use this to get the job done.

So far so good!

I have downloaded both Robinhood and Stash and so far Robinhood has been much more user friendly. Its sets up easily and is easy to use. Compared to Stash there were a bit more quirks to have it fully set up. For long term simple trading without the fees I would stick with Robinhood

Best app for a beginning investor.

Have been turned off by other brokers because of the high commission fees. Robin Hood changed that.


Amazing! Just wish Mint would recognize it so I can finally have all my finances in one location.


Not sure how the company turns a profit despite constant trading costs and low residual but its a beautiful platform and instant executions. The robinhood instant is amazing, you cannot day trade (trade and sell same stock same day) but the instant reinvesting opportunity with NO fees is just perfect.

Good app More features needed

Great UI,detailed chart, esp after hours numbers and overall ease of buy n sell Need more analyst ratings n reports , better alerting for portfolio and faster initial deposit times

Best Broker out there!

Free stock trading but the hold down on certain time frames DOES NOT WORK. Can you pls fix?

Its ok but dont do "Instant"

The app is good and seamlessly operates. I have an issue with the "instant" feature. I had no idea what I was doing, screwed up a couple limit buys and tried to get out before I lost money and now Im "flagged" as a day trader. All the while my buddy buys and sells all day on the app. I sent a complaint a week ago. Got an automated response and havent heard back. Seems pretty Mickey Mouse to me. All the while they are making money on my money while Im making little to none.

We can all become investors

Gives everybody access to once was limited to the wealthy. Helps us all understand another part of our world and how the economy works. Thanks!

Simple and flawless

This app does what its supposed to be doing: Making it simple to trade stocks for any one.

Great for people wanting to gain experience

I have been following the market for years, but as a college student I lack the funds to use traditional platforms. Robinhood allows me to trade without the fees. Definitely not a well tooled platform though. Youll need to use other sources to make trading decisions, but Robinhood allows low-fund traders to trade without the inhibiting costs. There are plenty of negative reviews saying that Robinhood somehow profits by marking up securities. These are completely false. I have had no problems with execution speed and share pricing, so dont let anyone tired of losing money spoil the app for you.

Great app for beginners!!

Even if you know nothing the app helps beginners learn the basics.

Love this app

I never make reviews but in this case I will. Its the only app thats ever made me money. Easy to use got me into trading

User friendly

Easy for a novice to login and start trading. The app is very well put together and easy to understand.

Awesome! Getting better all the time; Could improve data UI, though

Really enjoy the app overall. Very well-designed and easy to use. Highly recommended, speedy, and accessible.

Love it!

I love RobinHood! So easy! Looks nice. Great connectivity for banking and even taxes!

Best App for stocks

Best ever app for stocks

Great free trading platform. One minor request.

I am very happy to be able to trade for free on Robinhood. It would be great to be able to modify my posted orders without having to cancel them and make new orders. Thank you for making a wonderful application!

Great App

Great app. Spectacular customer service. You can email them and get responses back in a very timely manner.


This app is great

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